Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playing with the Power Washer

Lately we have been brainstorming exterior color ideas mainly because the bank is forcing us since they have our money in escrow. The white with green is OK and probably looked pretty good mid 1990's but yeah, it screams 90's to me. Not to mention they just used plain old exterior paint which obviously was not meant to be used on stucco as it peels off when you look at it sideways.

I knew the stucco was colored underneath though I figured it would be impossible to remove the layers of paint. BUT only half so and it would be pretty nifty to bring back the original color not to mention the fact we wouldn't have to paint it...ever!! I know it needs some patching and the bathroom addition will not be this color but we shall see what I can find to patch and match. In the meantime I will cross my fingers the entire front of the house hasn't been re-stuccoed or something of the sort.

A close up of the evolution of paint colors - the far right is straight stucco. It does look a bit like diarrhea brown in the pictures but it is lighter.

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