Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome Cammie!!

This was my distraction this week, well, along with Mario Galaxy but that is another story. She is a bit fast moving so she's hard to photograph but you get the idea.

Cammie picked us out while we were visiting the Cat House and convinced us to take her home.

Boy am I glad she did because now at least somebody else appreciates my fantastically 90's beanbag chair I have had since 4th grade. She has spent quite a bit of time popping up and down trying to capture the beans.

We were worried about her getting along with Otters but she snuck into Frankie's room earlier this week and he caught them canoodling. I believe the reason they look cranky is he snapped this shot, flash and all, around 5:30 am. Or Otters could just be terrified, it is hard to say.

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