Monday, August 16, 2010

Just How Much Will $1 Buy?

My parents and I hit a church sale this weekend. It is always exciting to walk up and have one of the helpers throw some grocery sacks your way and say "$1 a bag!" Even better, no other kitsch enthusiasts had been there so it was all mine! I did restrain myself with some of the items, making sure there was more for others who came later and so Mark would not disown me. My mom was beyond her bag and had graduated to boxes, which were $2 a piece, so I did toss a few items in one of her boxes but most of it fit into my $1 bag.

A few of my crazy finds include:

Not one, but two flowery GE kitchen Clocks.

My first thought as she went into my bag was "this would have fit perfectly in previous owner's bathroom with the wallpaper!" I believe she is a toiletry holder of some sort. Though being paper-mache I wouldn't want to store anything too juicy in her.

These should look nifty in my remodel of the bathroom which currently is planned as blue and white, shabby chic-ish. I think the one used to be an apple but the leaf is gone? The price was right.

I'm always delighted to add some new family members to my troll shelves. These guys aren't in the best condition but they definitely needed adopting and they do look very happy to have a new home.

And a psychedelic, paisley twine holder along with some bright Dream Pets also found their way into my bag.
Mr. Macrame owl is enjoying his new spot hanging on the front porch and I'm trying to find a good spot for the horribly tacky "Foam Craft 1981" owls. I was also excited about the afghan as I have been trying to find a cheap granny square in good shape - I have to say I am not going to even find enough yarn to make one of those for the amount I paid!

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