Thursday, August 5, 2010

There's a bathroom on the right?

Warning: The following images may be disgusting and shocking. Shocking in I have been able to live in a house with this bathroom for so long. Another shocking thing I will admit is this bathroom may have sold me on the house. It is approximately 9'x9' and has the original medicine cabinet, clothes chute, sink and tub.

A reminder of how it looked when we first moved in.

If it wasn't for the cute peg leg sink this picture would have absolutely nothing going for it.

First I had to knock some ceiling down. As you can see the previous owners got a little creative in their patchwork. From what I hear, part of the tree fell on the roof and I'm not sure if it went all the way through but it resulted in a large portion of plaster falling off the ceiling.

Someone built this odd cabinet around the clothes chute. It is handy to store things in but it just doesn't fit the cute vision I have for this bathroom so it had to go away.

The clothes chute is free from its confines and what do we see? Apart from the fact it appears a previous cabinet had also been built around the clothes chute, we spotted some 60's flower power wallpaper!

Of course I had to carefully peel it off the wall and then put it through the scanner. I love the colors and the little lady with the flower hair is my favorite. Fortunately for Mark, these small portions were the only remainder of the wallpaper.

Yes! faux subway tile! Both houses I grew up in had it. It must have been standard if you didn't have enough money for tile you could simply have it stamped into the plaster. Though my parent's house was built by a doctor and not only was it found in 3 bathrooms but it was in the kitchen as well. We suspect he was just too cheap or he told his wife if she really wanted 4 bathrooms (the maid's room didn't have the fancy plaster) in a place and time when 1 indoor bathroom was a luxury, he wasn't going to pay to tile all of them!
Anyways, I would keep it but it is cracked and impossible to repair (I made the attempt at my parent's) plus I believe the wall by the bathtub has been completely replaced so it doesn't exist over there at all.

So my parent's left Sunday night and this is what it currently looks like. The wiring is still the knob and tube here and FYI, yes, yes they did rig up four outlets together using this wiring. The wiring is fine though not meant to have a hair dryer and what, wait? how/why would you have to plug in 4 things at once in here above a single sink?? Anyways, my dad is rewiring, putting in a safety plug and moving the awkward light switch down (see my test plate) plus he will hopefully get rid of that horrid Hollywood light bulb concoction above the sink. I do have a replacement fixture which I'm excited to get up. Also note the random boards under the fixture. What once was knotty pine paneling is 1/4" thick so the mirror doesn't fit flat on the wall. All in all, one giant mess!

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