Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Planets?

I have a little over a week before my dad comes back expecting to be able to reinstall my bathroom fixtures AND install the storm windows he made and I still need to paint. So the countdown is on and I am frantically trying to tile, grout, paint and caulk. Of course everything takes a little longer than I imagine it ever should and there are things like going to work and socializing with others to distract me.
A great segue into today's distraction:

What the..? Yes, this is a record of orchestra music? I believe? I'm not sure what is happening on this cover or why they decided a crotch shot with bunched up panties was sexy? artsy? space age modern? campy? I don't even know what they were trying to accomplish.

My brother and I had gone to the salvage store with the intent of checking out their carpet scraps for a scritchy post project for Cammie and they had 15 packed full boxes of records for $1 each so we had to check for crazy covers. One can see the search was a success?  I did find a few others for my collection (along with a large stack of Smothers Brothers for my mom for Christmas) but none can even compare to this one.
Oh, and we did find some pretty pink carpet for Cammie.

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