Friday, November 11, 2011

Save this house #1

Never fear, I am still painting and caulking and someday I will be able to reveal that bathroom remodel.

In the meantime, an area I have decided to add to my blog to cement my dorkiness are some real estate photos which catch my eye. Usually of an "outdated" nature. Why am I looking at real estate listings? I use the excuse I am looking for a house for Frankie but who am I kidding, I like looking at other peoples houses. It gives me decorating ideas...yes, that is it!
It doesn't happen often. Most of the interesting looking houses end up with only a picture of the front and a description  "diamond in the rough." But sometimes an agent takes photos anyways or actually describes that pink tiled bath as "retro" or "vintage".

This house caught my eye on the way to work the other morning. It is on a slight hill with a huge front yard. The derelict landscaping led me to believe this one might be an interesting one to take a look at and yay! there were lots of nice photos in this listing! Sometimes a realtor's choice photos is odd and sparse but this one pretty much hit everything I wanted to see.

A 2,421 square foot ranch. No, that doesn't include the probably full basement. Built in 1948. $175, 000!?

The bath is described as retro but in great shape. but? Shouldn't that be an and? 

So many cupboards! OK, Avocado wouldn't be my first choice but as long as they worked I would do something funky with them. That sink/diswasher combo is fun and built in canisters? 

The informal dining area with lovely light fixtures.

A built in bench with more storage? Sign me up! 
and what was that peeking through the informal dining? Yes, a bright pink dining room! OK, the green and pink are a bit much even for me but I am liking the curtains (from what I can see) Actually, I instantly pictured this Heywood Wakefield in this room so in my alternate reality these colors do work for me:

I think I can do a little scrubbing at this house and be perfectly content to move right....
WHOA! OK, the carpet would probably have to go but I don't see much that needs to be done at this house. Too bad it will probably be sold in a week and a giant dumpster will be out front the next...


  1. Oh my ... that bathroom is awesome! The lime green room is a little overwhelming, but it is so much fun to see these retro houses so carefully (or inadvertently) preserved as they have been for ages.

  2. I would buy that house just for that triple pendant light in the informal dining room and there is a special place in hell for whoever demolishes the character out of that house. Makes me cry a little inside just thinking about it😪