Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"New" End Table

I just found this post in my started but unfinished posts though I'm not sure why it didn't get posted:

Last weekend was pretty eventful and non-productive. I did go out shopping with my mom and came across a Lane Acclaim end table which matches the one I snitched from my grandparent's.  Unfortunately it is currently not as nice as theirs so it is being quarantined in the garage until I can clean off the spider webs.

I did have to cough up $20 for it which I thought was a little much but I'm pretty sure grandpa found his in an alley somewhere so neither he nor I had to pay anything for the other. Also, despite it's outward appearance, I bet I can comfortably stand on this and do a jig without so much as a wiggle from the table so I'm not going to find anything this sturdy even if I spent $100 for a new table.

1 comment:

  1. Great find! $20 is a steal, and somehow it's always worth more to us if it completes a set...