Friday, January 11, 2013

Basketball Baby?

Little one and I were changing out her wardrobe today since she is starting to fit into some of her bigger clothing and outgrow others. First I will say 99% of her clothing is from garage sales. Actually, a lot came from those church sack sales. You know the ones, fill up a bag for $1. You can fit A LOT of baby clothes into one of those bags. Anywho, while sifting through I found this oddity:

Both are 6-9 months. The one on the right is for perspective. If a baby fits the one on the left something has to be terribly wrong as it appears it will be just as wide as it is long. The tag reads McBaby in a familiar font I think we all recognize. Yes, this disproportionately fat onsie is somehow McDonalds related. Hmmm...
Apart from that outfit which I'm pretty sure will never fit properly, I am excited about all of the cute clothes I found in my hoarded boxes.

Extra fuzzy squirrel PJs which I am jealous about. 

Vintage Care Bear PJs. Vintage baby clothing is hard to find! (I can't imagine why!)

 and what wardrobe would be complete without monkey footie PJs?? aww.

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