Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Present Time

Last summer while carpet shopping for the baby's room I was sidetracked by the bright colors of the area rug department. I spotted this one right away, attracted to the purple-ness of it since purple is my favorite color and there are not many purple area rugs out there. I should say not many purple area rugs which I would want to place in an adult room - there are some bright purple rugs which I'm sure will fit well with the little one's taste in about 5 years. Anyways, while brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for myself this rug popped into my head. I thought I would see if they still had it and sure enough it/one like it was still there and $100 cheaper!

 The sales person pulled it out and asked me twice if I still liked it in the light. She then went on to say it takes a special decor to pull off this color and I had 48 hours to return it. OK, well, I have nothing else in my current office/troll room textile or paint color wise so it's not going to clash with anything. My husband is indifferent to my choice because he didn't even come with me.

It meets Cammie's stamp of approval and everyone knows her opinion is the only one which really matters.

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