Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grandpa's Salvaged Magazine Shelf

This hutch has been in my dining room since we moved here:

One problem was it didn't match my decor. Wait, what does match my decor? I'm really not picky but I felt this was too cutesy Early American. The main problem: it was technically my brothers but (as you can see) I had it filled with my stuff. Inside and out. I tried not to fill it up knowing it would probably one day leave here but it just happened.
I wasn't trying to find a replacement for it so the bookcase kind of landed in its spot by accident. I wanted the bookcase to go upstairs but alas it was too long to even make it past the first landing much less around the sharp corner and through the awkward stairway door. I left it sitting in the middle of the entry area pondering what to do with it and was delighted when I measured and discovered it fit PERFECTLY between the bathroom and front door. So perfectly, that at first glance it appears to be an original built in. I have about 5,000 things I am finding which will look cute in here so I'm still working on the final arrangement since not all 5,000 things fit.

 (I swear I have the Christmas decorations off of it now)

This was in my grandparent's basement and my grandpa made it for his National Geographic collection. I did take some of his magazines so they are now back home on the shelves. Back in the 40's/50's he "salvaged" (took from the trash) the doors from one of the neighbors who was remodeling their bungalow which works for me because it fits right into my bungalow-ish home. I will try stripping it first to see if I can refinish it to match my woodwork but I suspect it is several different kinds wood which he picked up here and there. I almost feel bad changing the color because it has always been this color. That will be my excuse to not get to this proposed project for a while!

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  1. I have the "family" piece that doesn't match as well. I still haven't figured out what to do with it.