Saturday, January 5, 2013

When do normal people take down decorations?

I thought I would be normal this year and start taking down my decorations right after New Years. I'm not sure when most of the population takes them down. I have been known to leave them up until February. In fact, I think my mom let me leave them up until Valentine's Day one year. It was my job to put them up and take them down and I guess she didn't mind looking at them. It was probably my dad finallysaying it was time for them to go back to the attic. My husband knows this side of me so he started preparing me early (pre-Christmas Day) and saying it was almost time for the decorations to go back away. Fine, fine, I get the hint!
I thought I better document my 2012 decorating in case the little one is too hyperactive for me to decorate next year. I might have to live vicariously through this post. Though I would say 97% of my ornaments are already cat proof plastic so we may be good to go.

My precious aluminum tree managed to remain standing this season. The first time since we got the cat! I was in the basement one time when the she knocked it down and I can confirm aluminum trees do not make a sound when they fall. 

This is my solution to a breakage free Christmas. My ever growing collection of the tacky Jewel Brite Ornaments. It's amazing how many of these exist out there and how, umm, nice? they look on an aluminum tree. 

 I'm positive this is NOT a Jewel Brite but it makes me laugh every year.

 I added some festive Pyrex to my buffet. 

What Christmas would be complete without my crazy reindeer line up!?

This was my new silly Christmas album of the year. Star Wars. I haven't listened to it yet but if its anything like the Christmas Special it has to be...interesting?

Just a random kitschy shot

and proof that collections get out of hand quickly around here. Just a couple of years ago it looked like this and now, many free boxes and estate sales later, this is how it looks today. 
I love the vintage Christmas bulb wreaths but I hate the idea of hot gluing and permanently ruining vintage ornaments. This is my solution as these guys just nestle into the branches and can be rearranged or removed whenever. 

Proof that I do also have a normal tree. I thought I had just a plain tree picture but the struggling cat is amusing.

Oh Christmas decor, you will be missed until I can put you up again without fear of you being eaten!

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  1. I luv the reindeer shelf! It wouldn't be Christmas without a few dream pets :-> Your elf wreath is really sweet too!