Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Endangered Pink Bathroom

Sadly the days of this cheery pink bathroom are probably numbered. I can picture a new owner covering this bathroom with brown/gray slate tiles.
I would move the toilet and vanity to my house but that would be silly not to mention I don't have a spot. Wait! The basement DOES need a new toilet. mm, no, my family thinks I'm weird enough for wanting the furniture. Taking an old toilet would be crossing the line.

The sink vanity my grandpa made from salvaged televisions. I hate to think of what he was salvaging television-wise in the early 60's. Poor little guys but I guess they were heading to the dump anyways.
The sink he salvaged from The Brown Palace Hotel. I'm not sure how. It wouldn't surprise me if he was driving by, noticed they were doing some remodeling and went back later to dig through their construction trash. He may have gotten it legitimately as well but the other way is funnier to think about.
The linen closet (seen through the mirror) also made of salvaged TV bits.

I love the tile on the counter and floor. The grout is a little dingy but it has held up well through the years.

Kind of an awkward shot but pink tiles surrounding the tub and the glass block window.

What 60's bath would be complete without some coordinating fishies?


  1. I love this bathroom - and am so intrigued that your Grandfather salvaged those old TVs. I really love that tile too. I hope that someone gets it who will keep it intact.

  2. It's not looking good. I think my uncle has 2 interested buyers - for the land. I can't imagine spending 400K+ for a bungalow-sized lot of land, flattening it, building a house on it and still making a profit.

  3. The fishies are now safely in my possession so at least a small part of the pink bathroom will live on!