Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Shots Around Grandpa's House

These are some random, sporadic shots around the house since we did make kind of a mess in our organizing and digging.

The original Egyptian themed fireplace. (ignore the 70's metal cover and the TV tray)

Close up of the tiles. I definitely get the 1920's Egyptian revival vibe from these.

One of the original kitchen cabinets. My grandma originally had pink to go along with the blue but I guess between the bathroom and this grandpa was on pink overload so he painted it white one day to "surprise" her. She was surprised. I'm thinking he had burnt food to eat that week though it stayed white so he thought he won.

The milk door. It originally (it might still be there) had a door also leading outside where the milkman could deposit the daily dairy products. It is lined so everything would stay cool. I would say it might also have been for icebox ice but I think this house originally had a snazzy electric icebox.

Yes this is an old 1960's dishwasher. I can't say I have seen many (or any) of these. We just used it so it still works. It did rust out but grandpa, being the frugal fellow he was, somehow replaced the part.

Giant novelty Tiki utensils have always hung on the kitchen wall. Well, ever since I can remember.

Ooh, a cupboard full of goodies to look through! It's mostly odds and ends of dishes. I did snitch the pink dish on the first shelf already.

It looks like California pottery and it has some dings but I like the pink-ness and it must have looked fantastic in Grandma's pink kitchen 50-ish years ago. I'm sure I'll find other snitch-worthy dishes in here.

For some reason I am fascinated with the pull out cup holder. They look so neat and tidy hanging out up there.

The original (or maybe 40's/50's?) lined sugar and flour drawers.

Moving to the basement we see Mr. macrame owl perching with some paneling.

The bathroom isn't quite as festive but we still find some re-purposed TV cabinets down here.

The large mountain faux painting in the corner of the living room/entry area.

What else (besides the pink dish) isn't going to make it out to the estate sale? Yes, my family knows I'm snitching these. I mostly get the feeling they are relieved they don't have to deal with the stuff. One of my cousins said sympathetically, "Ohh, you need a dining room set?" Need? Not really. Excited about a "new" 60's one which belonged to my grandparents? Yes, very much.

It is made by Lane and my grandma even tucked the original hang tag into buffet drawer.

The record cabinet with roller doors and there's a rogue chair to the dining set.

The couch I haven't decided on yet. It is in decent shape considering it has been in the sun room for the past 40 yrs. I think my cousin's cat got the corners but otherwise it hasn't faded. I love the mod little legs which probably is the reason this will end up in my living room. My ripped, vinyl 80's couch really doesn't hold a special place in my heart.

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