Saturday, January 29, 2011

Misc. Around the House

I had Friday off this week due to January 1st being a Saturday so yes I could catch up on some things around the house including my blog entries I've been taking pictures for. Finally, I feel like I am maybe getting organized and am digging out some of my stuff.

I decorated the hutch which is most likely moving away if my brother ever gets a house so that wasn't smart. I could probably talk him out of it but it's too big for my dining room and I have that nifty Lane Perception buffet eventually heading my way. I do have a plan for what to do with this stuff in my currently non-existent kitchen decorating shelf space so it should be OK.

I like crazy colors so I'm having issues displaying my Lucite even though I love it too.

I really only wanted to collect Fiesta I could use but as soon as my family found out I had Fiesta dishes they decided to donate the stuff sitting around their houses to my cause. I do like the older colors which just can't seem to be achieved without the lead and radioactivity.
The plates and also the cover-less onion soup bowl and the yellow salad bowl on the top shelf came from a house my Dad's uncle (or someone on his side) rented out and these were the "crappy" dishes he let the renters use. The mixing bowls are from grandma (on mom's side) and the others are garage sale finds.
Yeah, I know the syrup pitcher lid isn't original though I'm pretty sure it cost less than $1 so I'm not one to complain.

The mixing bowls came from grandpa's grocery store and according to grandma he "was always bringing this (Fiesta) junk home." She finally got tired of it, boxed it up and donated it somewhere. This happened back in the 50's/60's and these bowls must have been forgotten up in the cupboard. When grandma gave them to me she told me she used to have a small cobalt one too but she couldn't remember what happened to it adding she probably broke it but didn't care because they were all ugly anyways.

The lesson from this blog entry: The elderly do NOT like Fiesta dishes!

I hung owls above the bed. Now I need a cute headboard. I was thinking of making one. Ha! We'll see how far I get with that one!

Yay! My little wall owlies! The display looks somewhat dignified at the moment but I know I will take it too far and by this time next year the wall will be on overload.

Mark got a "new" chest which has been sitting in my parent's garage and originally was in my grandma's basement. (mom's side, not the house I recently blogged about)

He thinks my display is girly though his favorite color is green and I thought I stuck well with the theme. I agree the head makes it girly. He said my slightly offensive instrumentalists also are girly. I knew if I let him decorate I would be looking at a Pokemon bank with no lid, some half used lip balm containers and a Burger King receipt.

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