Friday, January 28, 2011

Bathroom Walls

OK, I should never post progress on anything until I am completely done because it takes me so freakin' long! Yes, here I am finally getting around to skim coating that nasty bathroom though I can only seem to average 10 minutes tops a night working on it. The failed texturing? clumps o' plaster? previous owner put on easily scraped away. Most of the loose (probably lead) paint has been scraped away too so my skim coat might stay on?
I did discover a spot in the bathroom which has never, in it's 95 yr existence, been re-painted.

I washed off the dirt to reveal a light tan and you can also see the outline of the original small mirror and then a larger one. Now, I can understand why it wasn't painted when the mirror was there but obviously it was changed out and then knotty pine was added mid/late 60's? on the lower part. Above the faux tile and knotty pine? Wallpaper must have covered it until the texture "incident" occurred. Most recently there was a circa 1997, precariously hung mirror covering this area which fell down and broke before we moved.

(Yes, the texturing was only done AROUND the mirror and not behind)

Above the faux tile, the walls saw a few interesting color choices. The poo brown is my favorite. Really!? Who seriously paints a bathroom poo brown!? Dark teal followed and I have also seen some hints of pink before it went gray and then into the wallpaper in the 60's. I've been pushing pink but Mark seems to get offended when I mention anything pastel.

Here is the current status of the plaster repair:

It looks pretty smooth from here. Too bad my lack of skim coating experience shows in person though it is getting progressively smoother.

The tiles went on sale for 10% off their already reasonable price so I bought them thinking it would inspire me to work harder but they are still sitting boxed on the floor.

So sad! My biggest dilemma is the 250+ pound tub. Plus, the only other shower we have is in the basement which is currently averaging 50 degrees. Maybe, MAYBE in 3 months I'll be getting rid of that carpet?

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