Friday, September 30, 2011

Major Award

I ordered it so I think it is official and I can safely say I won a rug! Hooray! I will post a picture after it hopefully arrives but this is the rug I  have on order.

(Unfortunately this is Shaw's display room and not my living room!)

I found out about this rug through my favorite site I stalk daily,  Retro Renovation (even though my house is clearly 50 yrs older than most topics covered) I instantly pictured this crazy rug with my "new" dining room set from grandpa and grandma and wanted to go out and track it down for some price checking. 

Then I found out (also through this site) Shaw was doing a contest on facebook for free flooring so I was entering daily to see if I could win because, why not? Mark made fun of me for my diligent daily entry until I received an e-mail saying I won! I thought at first it was spam but the more I read and looked at the paperwork it looked real. I even googled the address they gave to make sure I wasn't sending all of my personal info to some sleazy looking house. I filled out the papers, sent them off and then I got to go to the store and pick out my new rug. It didn't take too long since I knew what I wanted. I think I did order it a size too big but the size smaller would have barely stuck out from under the table. Plus it is a free rug so why not get the more expensive one? It might end up in the living room if it's too big but either way it will end up under some of grandpa and grandma's furniture since the 50's couch is out there! I'm anxiously awaiting for the floor store to call and say it has arrived!


  1. YAY! Congratulations. Hey, be sure to send me a photo of your new rug in place -- I will put it on the blog!!!

  2. Thanks Pam! I'm busy fighting bathroom projects at the moment but the rug looks lovely and it's so soft on the footsies. I'll try to get organized and send a photo :o)