Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Changing Table/Dresser Makeover

The before shot of my inherited? saved from the dumpster? changing table/chest. It sat in my grandparent's basement forever, always with the guest sheets and misc. linens inside. My dad doesn't even remember where it came from as he said it was always sitting at their old house too. We were hoping someone else saw potential in it but $10 at the estate sale didn't sell it and none of us could stand to leave it in the house for the house flipper so my parents took it. It then ended up in my garage as I had mentioned maybe I could use it as a changing table. It was antiqued in the 70's and obviously needed fresh paint.

The handles are the best part because instead of going out and buying a set, my grandpa made them. They have a funky art deco look and after the chippy layers of paint were removed a smooth black paint remained. I wanted to somehow give them a Bakelite feel and already had picked up the orange paint at free paint day at our salvage store so the black paint was perfect.

 Well, it helped give them an aged/toned down look anyways, otherwise they would be bright "Jungle Orange". The white paint also came from free paint day and I lined the drawers with paper from the baby shower (everyone makes fun of me for my meticulous package opening but ha! it paid off)

 so the total cost of this project? $0! I guess I did pay .50 for the 4 baskets to help organize the drawers if that counts? and we may have also used up a couple chunks of sand paper.

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  1. Congrats on the new nugget. The dresser is adorable- old things made new are my favorite. Well done! :-)