Monday, August 6, 2012

Keeping it Small

The garage sales have been sparse around here probably mainly due to the constant 100+ degree weather. With Frankie still waiting for papers to go through on his "short" sale house purchase, we are definitely on overload here so I've been trying to limit myself to small and/or practical (ha) items. This weekend I did buy a chest of drawers (what did I just say about small??) but otherwise I have only found a few random odds and ends.

a Lucite perfume with a carved out flower in the middle. 

and a tacky souvenir compact. Both of which will look cute on my vintage guest room dresser...whenever I get that room set up!

Yesterday my mom bought a bag of minis and for some reason?? had no interest in keeping this little guy.

Why yes, it is a teeny deer super glued to a wood base with a hand typed label and to top it off it is also a pin! Just looking at this, I would want to date it maybe from the 1970's but upon further inspection:
1990?? I don't know why I am shocked. Thinking back, the typewriter was still being used in our home at this time and I'm pretty sure I have seen these deer still available at Hobby Lobby.

Just to let Jean know, wherever she may be, I will be enjoying her deer pin and perhaps I may even find an occasion to wear it. It looks like a good conversation piece to me!

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