Sunday, August 5, 2012

Me? Choosing to install Carpet?

I really like wood floors, especially old wood floors so I'm not really into the whole wall to wall carpet thing but I am making an exception for the nursery. I obviously shouldn't be staining things at the moment not to mention the time constraint. The floors are soft pine so no easy drum sanding. Plus this room is above the only somewhat enclosed front porch so any added insulation is a bonus.

These are the floors which will be waiting for me if I ever "need" a project in the future and/when the carpet gets too gross for me.

The last time I picked out carpeting I was 6 and the carpet was pink so I had no clue what went into the process. I pondered over samples for a week, picked out one for the room, a cheaper coordinating one for the closet and went back to the carpet store. I asked if they had any remnants thinking I could find an even cheaper piece for the closet and the salesman responded by saying they would have someone come out and measure so I would know what size of remnant I should find. OK, sounds good. Mark and I went back after the measuring guy came and the salesman told us the size/sizes of remnants we would need. We both continued to stare blankly at him before he realized we did not know where their remnant collection was. He chuckled a little and led us back to the warehouse where we discovered the place was lined with 1000's of remnants. Whoa, OK, I was expecting 20 of odd sizes/colors. We found a remnant which fit both the closet AND bedroom almost exactly AND it was the right color. I definitely wasted my time wandering around the showroom floor feeling up carpet samples but now I know.

Cammie says "thanks guys for the carpet in my room, I really love it!"


  1. I love having carpeting in a bedroom. It looks great!

  2. Thanks Pam! I am a fan of wood floors with area rugs - mainly because I can get something colorful and move it easily when I get bored :)Despite its blandness, I am liking this carpet. Plus it was great to have a crappy floor at the start of Price is Right but when I came back upstairs the floor was done and ready to use and all I had to do was open the front door for the installers!