Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Disadvantages of Being Cheap?

I've been half wanting a patio set. Our yard hasn't been nice enough for me to feel the immediate need for one because who wants to sit on a dirty deck and look at a pile of dirt and weeds? I figured I would wait for some fall clearance deals and sure enough we went to Lowe's and they had just what I wanted.

It had to be heavy so it wouldn't blow away and no glass because hail happens frequently here. Metal mesh should work perfectly!

I got what I wanted on super clearance so what is the problem with being cheap? When I first spotted the set there were two different sized tables so I had to go home and measure to see which would fit best. They had lots of each table so no problem. We went home, measured, came back, got the table and went to grab the chairs...Yep, someone had ravaged the chair selection. They had lots earlier but when we came back they only had three and this odd one which blends but doesn't match. I bought the three chairs and the oddball chair just because if I didn't I would never find that fourth matching chair. Unfortunately we only have one Lowe's but fortunately the Omaha Lowe's had plenty of chairs and also fortunately Mark's parents live close to one and they happened to be coming down the next day. They swung by to grab one for us before they came to town. It took a little extra work than if I had just forked up full price for a set in spring but I am happy with my decision. Now I'm hoping someone doesn't wander by and steal it before we get to enjoy it!

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