Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Problem With Chairs

I have a problem with chairs. There are just so many out there it's hard to resist. Another thing I have been trying to resist is Re-Ment - super cute miniatures from Japan. I haven't happened upon a retailer around here so I have been able to successfully resist this collection thus far. I have so successfully been avoiding it I forgot what it was called and thought I had accidentally bought a piece this weekend at the doll show I was helping my mom with.

Nope, just a knock off so whew, I'm still successfully avoiding it and this chair is super cute and detailed down to the fiberglass fibers on the seat.

I can't afford an Eames Eiffel for myself but now my trolls can enjoy one!

I'm not sure how much longer I can resist this Re-Ment urge since I spotted the Toy Story Sets with tiny aliens....

Moving on. My mom and I also checked out the Goodwill Wearhouse which is basically their leftovers? or stuff they didn't feel like messing with at the real stores? They have table bins full of odds and ends, you fill up a cart, they weigh the cart and you pay by the pound. At first we were disgusted by the people rabidly digging through things but after a while we got into the spirit and managed to find some stuff. We did draw the line at digging through the clothing bins. Apart from us, I'm sure there were some other good candidates for Hoarders roaming the store.

I'm sad and slightly embarrassed to admit the Tiddly Winks box is empty but it was such a cute box and in good shape so I hated to see it being wrecked and tossed about in the bin. Not a single tiddly or wink in sight so I'm not sure where those ended up. 

And circling back to my chair problem. That is correct. A very boring book topic but I love the chair. 

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