Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shiny "New" Tub

To try and redeem that horrible boring-ness of my last post about a broken toilet I thought I would show some pictures of something productive.

The before shot of the tub with chippy (probably lead) paint. Every time the walls got a coat of paint the front of the tub did as well, starting with that delightful pooh brown color.

Most of it chipped away easy enough but of course those last coats on that rough cast iron wouldn't budge and stripper made it worse. I sanded but it is a little chippy looking when you sit down and get right up to it. I'll probably be the only one who will notice while I'm cursing at the giant dust bunny off in the distant corner.

Whoopsy! This is the back of the tub and I'm seeing the camera flash showed all of the places I missed - the bottom is reflecting the white papers. The front of the tub is hopefully more thoroughly done but I realized I hadn't gotten a picture before we flipped it so I could paint the backside.This calls for an edit in the future when we re-install the tub.
I just used glossy Rustoleum Enamel spray paint so I'll have to see how it holds up. I was going to go for a matte finish but I found the glossy in the basement and decided the shiny looked so clean and well, shiny. The tub looks way better and it only cost a few dollars, not including the many hours of chipping away the nasty looking paint.

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