Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fresh Step Kitties

I spotted this ad a while ago in Real Simple

I had forgotten about it until I recently spotted it again in my Better Homes and Gardens I started getting for free via Coke points. It made me laugh again so I cut it out and put it on the fridge.

This month when the magazine arrived at my doorstep I was delighted to spot another ad!

Ha! This one also was immediately removed from the magazine and is sitting on my desk. I start laughing everytime I see kitty's expression.

Not wanting to wait until next month to see if there is another one for me to giggle about I googled and Yes! indeed there is a third!

I can hope it will be in my next issue but for now I will preserve it on my interwebs.

I have to admit I am liking the second and third kitty's rooms. The yellow wallpaper, the Royal Copley cat vase (I have one floating around somewhere) and the knitting in the second and the plaid carpet, yellow chair and telephone stand in the third. I'm not sure I would like the ads so much if kitties were standing in a normal plain old room. Then again, the expression on their faces! hehe yeah, I probably would.

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