Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

A few projects from last weekend:

One tedious and not so interesting project I have been working on is the foundation. Thankfully brick only makes up the first 3 feet of the house.

Quite a bit of the mortar has held up and looks sturdy, some places the previous owner made a sloppy attempt at repairing (foam caulk is involved in a few places) but in other spots:

Ack, you can see right through! and in fact I could see right outside in places in the basement. I did a daylight check after I was done stuffing fresh mortar into cracks and all looked dark.

I finished the front of the house along the bottom and have to finish building up some dirt. Hopefully the remaining wood pieces will disappear by the time our termite treatment wears away.

My dad has been on a broken window kick at their house so he took care of a few broken panes at our house. No complaints from me there!

and some wainscoting is up in the bathroom! Very slowly but surely it is getting done!

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