Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playing with the Power Washer

Lately we have been brainstorming exterior color ideas mainly because the bank is forcing us since they have our money in escrow. The white with green is OK and probably looked pretty good mid 1990's but yeah, it screams 90's to me. Not to mention they just used plain old exterior paint which obviously was not meant to be used on stucco as it peels off when you look at it sideways.

I knew the stucco was colored underneath though I figured it would be impossible to remove the layers of paint. BUT only half so and it would be pretty nifty to bring back the original color not to mention the fact we wouldn't have to paint it...ever!! I know it needs some patching and the bathroom addition will not be this color but we shall see what I can find to patch and match. In the meantime I will cross my fingers the entire front of the house hasn't been re-stuccoed or something of the sort.

A close up of the evolution of paint colors - the far right is straight stucco. It does look a bit like diarrhea brown in the pictures but it is lighter.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome Cammie!!

This was my distraction this week, well, along with Mario Galaxy but that is another story. She is a bit fast moving so she's hard to photograph but you get the idea.

Cammie picked us out while we were visiting the Cat House and convinced us to take her home.

Boy am I glad she did because now at least somebody else appreciates my fantastically 90's beanbag chair I have had since 4th grade. She has spent quite a bit of time popping up and down trying to capture the beans.

We were worried about her getting along with Otters but she snuck into Frankie's room earlier this week and he caught them canoodling. I believe the reason they look cranky is he snapped this shot, flash and all, around 5:30 am. Or Otters could just be terrified, it is hard to say.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Nifty "New" Shelf

I've been chugging away on the bathroom between work and cleaning up after boys plus I had a cavity filled a few days ago and now 3 teeth down have started throbbing so I'm guessing it is something nerve related. Hopefully it goes away because I cringe at the thought of having to go back and having something more done! I am telling myself it is getting better so I hope I am right.
To distract myself I thought I would do a quick post about the "swinging" shelf I found this weekend.

I have to dig out some of my equally nifty critters to fit on the shelves as those candlesticks aren't doing it for me. It is hanging in the bedroom right now (oddly it matches the curtain colors) but maybe someday it will reside over a buffet in the dining room...with the nifty critters. The mirror on the back reflecting the light fixture and curtains/window make it awkward to photograph.

I did go back to the salvage store and get another towel rack. None had sold! What is wrong with people!? Who wouldn't want a telescoping towel rack in their bathroom!? Especially for $3! Gesh

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oops, I got distracted...

I tried the tile for about 10 mins and realized none of the tiles were attached together straight or equally spaced (what do I expect for $2.57) so I got annoyed, argued with the tile for a while and then left the room. Fortunately Saturday morning I had found a couple of chairs for $1 at a garage sale which needed some TLC so aha! what a perfect way to take out my frustrations and ignore the tile issue.

The white and brown one I found in the kitchen but the black one was out in the barn/workshop so it had a few more coats of paint on it which were blotchy and drippy. I think the brown one will do with a light sanding but the black paint had to go away on the other.

I have since figured out how to do the tiles without separating every single one but I still haven't attached them to the floor so now I have half stripped chairs and some tile kind of place around the bathroom not to mention the partially finished wood floor. Someday I am planning on finishing a project before starting another....