Monday, June 11, 2018

Strawberry Shortcaked

Everyone went to the pool which means I get to stay home and enjoy some quiet time/work on projects...clean everyone's messes...
It was past time to clean and freshen #1's bed so I decided to switch it up a bit while she was out and not here to share her opinion. I know once I did it she would be fine with it and she was. So Hello Kitty took a break and my Strawberry Shortcake blanket went to work.

The blanket was mine from as long as I can remember.

The pillow and blanket I got in the box from the estate sale a few months ago, mentioned here.

Which reminds me, I did get the train hung in #2's room.

and apparently I cannot get this off of my phone as a rectangle so you can see the whole train and shelf and I definitely can't take a real photo in here with my camera at 11 o'clock at night so there you have it!

If I had truly been motivated I would have dug around my basement to find more strawberry pillows and stuffies but I'm sure they will migrate upstairs on their own eventually

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sink Repair Update (Finally!)

I'm sure everyone was on the edge of their seats by the end of my last post and then I left you hanging for...four months!? Here is a photo of my naughty mermaid to make up for it?

The faucet set fit with relatively little drama. My dad took his dremel and just cut off all of the weird 100 year old corroded on spout and drain pieces. After that, everything fit as it should. Yay!

The before set and before I vinegar-ed out the gross water marks on the sink - Yuck! The faucets looked OK until you started looking at them and realized the hot water said "waste." I do own the hot water...

But as you can see, the hot had seen better days and it is even worse from behind

As you can also see, the drain didn't work. I'm not sure it ever did with this set because the original spout was a porcelain bump out molded in the sink so someone wisely added a metal spout at some point to make it a less awkward hand washing experience. 

Eww, sorry, I know. But you get the idea. 

I scoured the internet trying to find something with similar handles, a long enough spout to fit over the awkward bump and in my price range - meaning the $600+ Restoration Hardware sets are out. This is the set I found and they were on sale for $120 on Amazon (I know, even that seems like it would be out of my want-to-spend budget if you know me!) 

They are manufactured by Kingston Brass and they feel pretty sturdy, time will tell I guess. 

A recap, when I moved in this is what I had to work with:

and now:

I *think* the sink is done (for now) so at least something is progressing. BUT when we hung the sink back on the wall I didn't notice it was off by an inch so now it isn't centered under the mirror. One would have to disconnect the P trap to scooch it over. Gah! It's always something! 

At least I have my naughty mermaid to look at! 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Potentially My New Potting Bench?

As my daughter would say "let's play a game of what's missing!"

If you said "bathroom sink", you win!

It all started when the sink was draining a little slow so I decided to get our little As Seen on TV drain snake and clean out the gunk. No problem, I'm digging around pulling up a lot of satisfying goo when...the little Velcro piece on the top of the snake falls off and into the depths of the drain.
Gah, a 5 minute project turns into me taking off the P-trap, fine! But why is it leaking when I put it back together!? Surely I am capable of this basic plumbing project? Yes, except the threads on one pipe are completely corroded away. We make a Menard's run only to have me remember my dad jerry-rigged something so the sink drain connects up to that new standard plumbing. The pipe I need doesn't exist. I need my dad to remember what he did.
So why did I rip the sink off the wall? This brings me to the fact I have had a new faucet set complete with drain but my dad has been dragging his feet on the situation because he is unsure he can get the new standard sized set to fit my weird antique sink. If he didn't think he could put it together, I sure wasn't going to try! (see above inability to reinstall P-trap) I figured this was as good of a chance as any to mess up the sink since he has to now figure out what he did to fix it before. Besides, if he can get the new drain set pieces installed, he wouldn't have to jerry-rig something to the bottom again so I took it apart (as much as I could) to force him to do it. hehe. I'm evil, I know.

The bottom of the sink with the weird drain where my dad had to cut and piece pipes together which obviously didn't work well - unless one wants to replace it every time someone drops something down the drain...

Here is a before, before of the sink. I can't find one sans stinky carpet, hmm.

Hopefully we can get it pieced back together and up and running again, I'm not sure how well it would work as a potting bench by my garage. Plus, I'm not really good in the plant potting department so it would probably be wasted on me.