Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cloud Pictures

The scary cloud pictures need an entry of their own plus I have to make up for my lack of postings! I didn't want to go outside and risk a hail injury so they are taken through the window and they probably look scarier as a result.

Basically Done Bathroom Pictures

Whew, we've been trying to get organized for a garage sale now too so not much has been happening in the remodeling realm. Here are some pictures which I realized I never posted. Obviously I still have to paint but someone will eventually be knocking holes in the walls to insulate so I guess I'll wait.

My vintage $20 toilet.

I painted the inside of the cabinet with some paint which was free. We will be replacing the gold vomit flecked sink though I haven't found one to fit yet.

I replaced the 70's hardware with a .50 Lucite handle,

put up a valance I found in my collection of "interesting" curtains,

hung up a tropical reverse glass painting which I have had floating around forever

and no bathroom would be complete without a coordinating kitty! Hmm, the woodwork is also another project. The important thing is the bathroom is fully operational and does not smell like, well, you know anymore.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Delayed Finished Tile Photos

Whoa, I've been slacking and realized I didn't even post finished pictures of the bathroom floor!

The tile makes me think of an ice cream parlor so no using this bathroom when I am on a diet.

I was so worried about getting the tiles straight I didn't even think about getting them flat! Fortunately I didn't realize this was an issue until one, yes, ONE little tile was not sitting flat with the others. I know it's there. Will anyone else see it? Probably not.

I would also like to comment grout does not come off the very edges of $2 tile easily (does it on expensive tiles? I don't know.) I finally found the scratchy 3M pads work well though it is time consuming to go over each edge so luckily this room isn't very big.

The finished product. I guess the "lovely" 70's fixture puts off a soft yellow glow but the tiles are white.

A reminder of the before. Eww!! Definitely an improvement.

Not much else to report as my main helper decided to have gallbladder surgery and then leave the state for a while. I've been trying to get things done but it's only ever so slowly creeping forward.