Thursday, June 27, 2013

I don't think I even need to justify this one

I've been known to bring home items found on the curb/in the alley. This, my non-scavenging husband who grew up shopping at K-Mart, really doesn't understand so I usually don't say anything or I pretend to feel guilty about bringing a "new" unnecessary discarded item into our home if/when he does notice it. This time I didn't apologize as I proudly held up my new treasure and he asked "Why? What do you need that for!?" Sometimes I wish I had married someone who shares my enthusiasm in my finds but this might require me to share my d├ęcor space with potential items he likes and I don't so I'm OK with his criticism which quickly dissolves to indifference.
Our rear neighbors have been cleaning house, trying to get finish up some last minute remodels and clearing out the garage before they put their house on the market. I've been perusing their trash but I get the feeling they are more the granite and greige type. I did find an almost new grill, which I later spotted at Lowe's for $100 and a cute 70's bike has also made it into my garage. Otherwise the items in the trash have been cheapy 70's cabinets, ugly bathroom sinks and lots of scrap wood so when I spotted this shimmering in the sunlight as I walked into my kitchen I was shocked. Is it? No, it couldn't be but I quickly checked to make sure the baby was secure, threw on my flip flops, ventured across the alley and sure enough:

A sparkling starburst clock was begging me to rescue it from the trash pile.

I really need to figure out a way to show scale on these photos (apart from actually having a real spot to hang it so I can take a far away shot with other items for perspective, haha) but it is only slightly smaller than my other starburst clock seen here.

I would like to included a disclaimer for anyone who may be disgusted - the neighbors have been lining useable items behind their garage in hopes of people taking stuff and I have spotted other neighbors browsing the lumber out there so I am not alone and I'm not digging through their black trash bags! (though maybe I should be...)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

French Pyrex and Chocolate

I don't usually do food posts. Heaven knows there are enough food blogs not to mention I mostly eat pizza and spaghetti so the variety would be lacking.
Last weekend I was scouring that estate sale for some interesting Pyrex. I discovered her stash in the basement store room and there was a lot but it was all crystal. How boring! I did pick through it and found this set.

as modeled by Cammie and some stray baby toys.
I'm guessing it's not that old, 70's/80's? Though I forget that's getting to be 30+ years old now!
This is the side which caught my attention as they are made in France. That and the handles are funky. I didn't find out much about my new set with a quick internet search...probably because they are boring crystal!
I wanted to break in my new dishes and decided to try my hand  at a brownie recipe I pinned on Pinterest last week which replaced the flour with black beans. Hmm, veggies in with dessert? The recipe I used is found here: and I am sure there are others out there. One commenter marveled it still tasted like chocolate. Yeah, probably as it still has butter, sugar and cocoa powder! With that being said, I'm sure the calories are still up there but hey, you're getting some fiber out of the deal.
Well, it looks like the picture on the recipe's site so that is a good start. (I posed it in front of my counter display to provide some eye candy for those of you who don't care about my brownies)
and a texture shot. The texture also looks similar to their photos though I think I needed a bigger brownie for the final product photo.
They don't have a horrible flavor and they look relatively normal but they have kind of a gelatinous? texture and I'm having issues getting over this. The husband had half of one, first thinking they were dark chocolate which he doesn't like but I think the texture got him too because he didn't eat any more after finding out what was "wrong" with them. I probably won't be making brownies with beans in them again despite the fact it is a good idea to sneak some veggies into dessert. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What is that "old person" smell?

Whew, I managed to escape the house for a bit this last weekend with my parents though our time was cut short by rain and thunder. The estate sale we ended up going to had the strongest "old person" smell happening that I have ever experienced. I had to air out the stuff I bought there and I can still catch whiffs of it nearly a week later. What is that smell anyways? My grandparent's house didn't smell like that and they were in their 90's/100's so it's not something which automatically happens at a certain age. The estate sale house was clean so it doesn't seem to be a dirty smell per say.

Anyways, I did go a little crazy and ended up spending $7 during this shopping spree. I think sometimes my husband wishes my shopping sprees were simply clothing from the mall

because then he wouldn't come home in June to find this hanging on the door!

He knows I have problem with kitschy Christmas deer so nothing shocks him anymore. (did it ever? I'm not really sure.)

I'm not a big fan of candles since they are a little touchy. I felt sorry for these guys lying on the basement floor (along with the kitschy deer) and I guess they have survived this long.  They are tagged Gurly Candle Co. on the bottom along with the original price. I know I've seen some floating around at my grandma's, mom's and I think I have a few somewhere so I believe they are pretty sturdy and should stay safe in my buffet drawer. I haven't seen the church before with the tiny choir boy.

I did get a few things I don't feel obligated to put away for most of the year. This gal is now the perkiest World's Fair souvenir I own. So many are kitschy yet drab - see examples behind her.