Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Disgusting Air Conditioning Situation

About a week ago, the air conditioning (the heat pump/furnace end of it) started making the worst thump, thump, thump sound so we decided it was best to turn it off. It could not have happened today when it's 80 something with little humidity. Nope, it happened on a Thursday night and the next several days were supposed to be over 100 with 80% humidity. I called my dad on the situation and he said it sounded like a screw fell out of the squirrel cage and informed me I could just turn off the furnace, take off the panel and poke around. You mean the panel with the picture of the guy's head being blown away by flames!!?? I was not confident enough in my abilities so I called bright and early Friday morning in hopes the furnace people would have an opening. The receptionist got my info and informed me someone would call me back to schedule an appointment. I hate calling people on the phone so I procrastinated for 3 hours and finally called them back. "Ohh, well, we have an opening on Tuesday afternoon." Yeah, I wish they would have told me that at 8am in the morning so I could have tried someone else! I called around and finally looked to see if anyone was open on the weekend and found John Henry's (who snaked our main drain since that also happened on a Saturday morning I believe.) They had a Sunday opening which was better than Tuesday! Then they called around 3:30 and wondered if they could come take a look. Umm, yeah you can!

Here comes the disgusting part. The repairman pulled off the panel and found a mouse stuck in the squirrel cage. Eww! When the mouse was untangled, the ac was up and running again. It was a very easy fix but, yuck! I'm glad I called someone in for the "repair" as I'm not sure how I would have handled that situation. I am also eternally grateful for John Henry's because I didn't have to listen to my husband whine for 3 days. I informed him this house most likely didn't have air conditioning until 1982 to which he responded "no one could have survived in here without air conditioning!" I comfortably leave the windows open until it hits 90 outside (when the humidity is decent) and he starts complaining when the temperature starts getting above 75 so that sounds about right.

Here is the 2-year-old's take on the situation:

Starting from the upper right and moving clockwise we have: a drawing of our broken ac, me and Lucca, Thomas (the train), Uncle Frankie on his computer and then Uncle Frankie's working air conditioner.