Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I guess I haven't posted updated painting photos but that is what we er, Mark has been finishing up with. Painting the windows and finishing up edges here and there. We might just get this done yet before it gets cold thanks to the freakishly warm fall we have been having. I have been cleaning storm windows and cleaning up around the yard.

I think festive Halloween pics are more fun than dirty storm windows.

Ignore Frankie's bike and misc. porch junk in the background. Drat! I guess I ended up photographing some dirty storm windows anyways.

This is why I enjoy the fireplace. I haven't even attempted to use the fireplace for its actual purpose. I figure if the toilets were barely working why would I even think to try something attached to a gas line?

Frankenstein trolls!

Soo, are they implying this guy is dressed as a ghost??

Of course I have a Halloween Hello Kitty! The pink troll's shirt costume is more successful than the green one's.

Coffee table decor.

and it's our little Halloween kitty.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Curb Alert!

Me? Pick something off the street? Yes, it's true. Randomly discovered free stuff does excite me.

We were driving home from lunch when my mom spotted this "fantastic" set of drawers sitting on the curb down the block. With the pretense of walking the dog, we wandered back on foot to take a closer look. It had a free sign on it which reinforced the fact it needed a new home. I want to clean and paint it so bad right now but I better keep any painting I do to the exterior of the house.

Some of the drawers are open and some have inserts. Perfect for organizing my crafty items which are currently stacked in random little boxes all over the spare room's closet.

My mom's other fantastic find she brought me this weekend was this crazy gondola lamp. The 2 compartments are removable. Planters I suppose? And it is tricky to see in the photo but the shade is oblong to match the width of the boat.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I thought we were making progress on the painting. After all, the neighbor's house behind us looks worse than ours and...wait, what the!? He hired painters so now his house is all shiny and new in less than a week? Drat!
A full back view of our house, hideous deck rails and all. We successfully recruited some help so the progress did improve over the weekend. Nicolette is scraping the kitchen windows.

Ryan Scraping the trim above the side door.

Rollers are amazing! As long as you don't mind paint splatters and outdoors I don't mind paint splatters. The afternoon sun was too hot (yes, 90 mid-October? What is with that?) so we moved up front.

Mark using the roller with the extender up front. The extension thing is also amazing as Mark can pretty much paint all of the house standing on the ground. Too bad the edging and trim still need a ladder.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom still taunts me as I'm stuck working on the exterior until it gets cold. I did manage to check out some floor tiles to see if the color works.

It looks really too gray/beige on the sample. My first choices average $40+ a sq ft but if I had that much money to spend on flooring I would be blogging about redoing a house down the block which was twice the size of this house.

But I do have the remains of an original tile from my parents for comparison and it is almost exactly the same color. I don't know, maybe it is the bright white grout which makes it so dark? Whatever the reasoning, I think this tile with a black hex flower pattern and dark grout is going to look amazing compared to the circa 1981 carpet.