Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Belated Flea Market Finds

I swear I wrote a post in April but I must have just thought about it, organized the photos and then thought I had written it! There has been a lot of entertaining of the small child and non-exciting yard work happening around here. It is rainy and cold today so no outdoor work or walks to the park.

The "Mother of All Garage Sales" AKA a flea market at the fairgrounds was, what? the first weekend in April? It has is a good mix of garage sale and flea market items though most of it is a little pricier than garage sales since they do have to make up for the cost of the booth.

I did find a Spring Blossom Salt and Pepper for $1.

In another booth I spotted a set of Butterprint fridgies which turned out to be $45 so I thought the $2.50 prices was a typo on the pressed flowers casserole. 

I picked it up expecting a chip or wear on it somewhere. I did find a  small chip on the lid but it seemed to be good otherwise. I brought it up to pay and she said "you saw it has a chip on the lid? That's why it's priced the way it is." Um, Yep, I saw it (and it's just a plain old lid so I don't really care...)

There. I posted something for April. I do have some more posts on back log so I'll see if I can get them out of my brain and onto the interwebs.