Friday, June 17, 2011

"New" Furniture

I haven't caught up with posting things about my last Denver trip yet I will be on my way back this weekend to finish up the cleaning and estate sale. I haven't found a home for everything yet either but here is the furniture I do have organized which I haven't posted pictures of yet. Included is the Lane dining set with the brochure here.

The "new" dining room set with one leaf in to accommodate all of the chairs.It includes 2 or 3 more leafs so we should be set dinner party wise.

The chairs still have all of their original vinyl in near mint condition. 

the buffet (I'm still working on the knick-knack arrangement)

and the couch. I didn't buy the rug with it in mind but it conveniently matches as does the tiled coffee table. How did that one work out??

Snowflake Pyrex

I usually never stop at garage sales on the way home from work mainly because I just want to get home and also what is left at 4pm? Today while driving home my gut instinct told me to stop at this one. "Ugh, but it's 4 and this garage sale is right off 56th St so surely nothing of interest is left." Then something said "Turquoise Pyrex!!" Me "umm, I doubt it. I rarely find turquoise Pyrex" but I stopped anyways and low and behold sitting on the table in perfect condition for $2:

Snowflakes! It's the only pattern I claim to collect - besides the Butterprint. Yes, both patterns are turquoise-y in color.

 I even cleaned it and found a home for it already!

I also found:
A crazy 1970's architecture textbook
Again, I'm a sucker for anything with this color. PLUS it has harvest gold so it should look lovely in my kitchen if I can find a spot for it...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lane Perception Brochure

I had this scanned a while ago but I got to the last page and noticed a piece of cat fur on the scan. I went back to scan it again and yep, the program froze and all of the pictures were lost so (after a few choice words) I got disgusted and left the room. I'm happy to say I finally rescanned them and they are ready to post! Unfortunately I have now had the dining room set up for too long so the table has become cluttered with mail and such and I don't have a picture of it yet so I will just have to post it later.Though you can see it in its original habitat here.
 This is the tag from the dining room set which my grandma carefully tucked in the drawer. 

If only they had decided to get the hutch along with the buffet I would have a huuge area to display my vintage dish addiction. 

For a minute I thought maybe they accidentally bought a dresser but the buffet does have silverware drawers so that eliminates that theory. I still want the hutch for the top!

I didn't know so much Perception furniture existed. I guess you could furnish the whole house.