Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Fridays!

Three more days until Frankie signs for his house so the countdown is on!

Also my bathroom is soo close to being done. A little more paint, a light fixture hung, dig out my kitsch er, um, decorations and it will be done! *crossing my fingers*

We had snow, snow and more snow Saturday complete with a lack of electricity. With nothing to power our stove or *gasp* microwave Mark decided to venture out on foot for some food. Valentino's is about a block away and on a different electric line so he headed off. An hour later he finally came home with Taco John's. He reported they were frantically loading food onto a truck at Valentino's, Burger King was dark and the grocery store was open but they had employees with flashlights directing customers around the store. No ready made deli food. At this point he decided he had done too much to throw in the towel and go home to a sandwich so Taco John's 12 blocks away was obviously the only solution to our food dilemma.

The patio furniture and deck rail is under there somewhere

Jumping backwards a day when my car could still comfortably leave the alley. Our salvage store has started what they call "Free Fridays" to move out some stuff that has been sitting for too long. I foresee this situation adding to my hoarding of nifty objects which I plan to someday use in this house.

This Friday's find:
I had previously ogled this because they only had $5 on it but couldn't think of a spot for it. Suddenly it was sitting neglected in the free pile and I couldn't resist any longer. It will go in the upstairs sun porch someday after I convince my dad he needs to help put electricity out there. Hey, I even have it hanging from the ceiling out there already so it is kind of put away in its rightful place. If you look at it from outside you may even think it has the ability to light up!