Friday, August 30, 2013

Dreamy Knotty Pine Estate Part III: The Bathrooms

To shorten my previous post I decided to devote another posting to the bathrooms.
If you looked closely at the last post, you may have seen a peek of one of the bathrooms I would kill for (I'm considering it anyways to the woman who came in and said "oh, there is enough room for a skylight in here" along with "ugh, are these tiles 70's??") down the hall in the master bedroom.

A nearly mint condition octagonal, tiled floor to ceiling art deco bathroom!
 I can just imagine fixing some stray hairs and making sure one's silk stockings are straight before taking off for brunch at the Country Club 80 years ago.
No tanks for the toilets in this house. The recessed holder makes up for the awkward reach to the TP.
Yes, this tub is very short.
 There was a light in the tub area which was out and it appears someone else besides me was taking a peek at the tub when I took this picture. Luckily it's in good shape because I don't think one could find a replacement though someone will probably come in, rip it out, put in 12" brown tiles and some glass shower doors. To go with that skylight. Are skylights still a thing? I thought that was an 80's/90's thing?
Apart from the nifty recessed light above the sink, this was the only other (working) light in the bath. I suppose it will be sacrificed for that skylight?
The main bath isn't quite as roomy but I like the colors better.
I'm liking this deep windowsill and those little decorative tiles.
The sconces flanking the mirror match the tiles. Plus, check out that 60's wallpaper which they somehow managed to match the flowers perfectly with the tile color!
Whew, I think I shared a small portion of this nifty home. I'm sure it will sadly be updated and modernized BUT if someone does happen to buy it and restore it/leave it's funkiness please invite me over for brunch. Umm, unless you are one of those people who I heard bragging about golf. I am bad at golf.
I also am not capable of using the heard phrase "toodaloo" as a serious farewell statement. Is this a current rich country club thing that I am out of the loop on because I live on the poor side of the neighborhood??

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dreamy Knotty Pine Estate Part II. Now with Pictures!

I was afraid they had long ago sold this house without a realtor but it finally popped up on the listings this last week!  About 6 months ago (has it been that long!?) we went to an estate sale which I talked about here

Here is the listing.

We went to the open house just to be snoopy. The photos are a mix of the realtor's (the large normal overviews of rooms) and mine, which are, well, mostly strange close ups of ridiculous things.

I admit, not a good start because it's really hard to see the house with those trees but it has cedar shingles on the 2nd story and the rest is stone.

The foyer with the living room to the right. I recall the stair risers were lit at the estate sale. I'm guessing the wall to the left is also knotty pine which was painted at some point. There is a panel in the thick arch on the right which opens for folding chair and/or table leaf storage. (as shared by the estate sale ladies) 

Looking back from whence we came, in the foyer towards the entry and front door. Note the crown molding, banister, risers and trim are all knotty pine.

The fantastic study is directly to the left of the front door and entry so I guess any business dealings can be done without entering the main house.

The living room, which is through the archway. Darn it, there is a colonial themed wallpaper mural on the wall opposite the fireplace but I didn't think to get a photo and I guess they didn't feel that was a big selling point for some reason!!

I love the sunroom off the living room with the painted brick walls.
A formal colonial style dining room is next. The sunroom was through those double French doors.
The kitchen is through the swinging door to the right above. My mom and I carefully examined the cupboards because they are in such good shape. Are they from 1931? They had matching molding around the top to coordinate with the other rooms and the style and construction looked 1930-ish. They have made updates throughout the years with a newer sink, Corian counters and obviously the cupboards have been reworked for a dishwasher and modern stove so it is hard to say.
 My mom and I both love this hall. It seems to be the maintenance hallway with the pantry closets and a tiny half bath behind the doors to the left and a kitchen door to the right. A laundry chute, old fuse box and a trash chute? are also down this hall. That far away door is the garage and the back basement staircase is to the right of that which leads directly to a laundry area. The hall has funky black and red specked flooring and more painted brick.
The basement isn't too interesting. This room was probably finished in the 60's judging by the paneling, ceiling and light fixture.
Moving upstairs. Another shot of the banister and a nice shot of some of the knotty pine doors.
The bedrooms all had great wallpapers.
This room had bright blue carpet at the estate sale and check out a close up of the wallpaper!
more wallpaper from one of the other bedrooms.
and this was hiding in one of the closets. Too 70's cute!
This bedroom must have been the lady's of the house and/or the master bedroom. The French doors lead to a sun porch.
The hall in the bedroom led to a walk in closet to the right and plain old closets to the left.
The table is attached to the wall and the small door leads out to the hall with a shelf and call button. The lady at the estate sale said the original owner liked to have her breakfast delivered to her room but didn't want her servants to see her so they could open the door and leave it for her on the table.
Moving up to the 3rd floor! The servant's quarters. Look the floors have original vents so it looks like along with real closet space, they also had real direct heating. Classy!
More cute wallpaper. They hadn't removed the matching 60's carpeting yet in here either.
The original bell is still in the hallway between rooms.
Along with this guy who I can safely assume was added for the children/grandchildren's? sake long after the need for live-in servants had gone.  
The other huge attic room. Ahh! It has Amityville windows! It also had a very nice (what looked to be a) Heywood Wakefield bedroom set up here at the estate sale.
a close up shot of the wallpaper in this room.
I wish I would have seen this stash at the estate sale because they probably would have sold it since unfortunately I really can't see anyone buying a house in this area and carefully making repairs to 1960's wallpaper. I'm sure that kitchen will be ripped out and expanded to make room for an island and some granite and stainless steel.
 Whew, that pretty much covers it. Wait? the bathrooms? Umm, yes, I am a nerd about bathrooms (that is weird, isn't it?) and this post was getting kind of long so I decided to save them for a separate posting.
P.S. my husband just looked over and said "umm, are you blogging about that house you looked at? That is weird." Is it? Yeah, it is.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lighting Win

OK, I think I officially have 27 blog posts stuck in my brain from the past month but transferring them from my brain to the computer seems to be the tricky part. I'll start with my successful lighting story from last weekend and see what else I can do! There is a light outside on the porch but this has been the scene inside the porch since we moved in. I never think about the lack of a light until I am trying to match a pair of shoes for work at 5:45 am.

I also took an uninteresting light fixture from my parent's garage sale pile, probably 2 years ago, for this spot. It was a 10 min. project after all so when does one have time for those!?
(pile of uninteresting light parts)
Plus, when is a 10 minute project actually 10 minutes? I figured we would get up there and find the wires were dead requiring us to somehow fish a new set of wires through the ceiling. Also, this is not centered due to the bathroom addition so if we were going to put that effort in we might as well move the location. Miraculously the wires worked and it did take about 10 minutes. Well, a little longer because the fixture was freshened up with a little spray painting. And I think my dad had to run to the hardware store to get something probably just because what project is complete without an inconvenient trip to the hardware store?
No, I didn't check to see if my $5 shade from the last posting fit. I figured this was still too much in the outside elements and it would fade or (the more likely scenario) a guy would come through swinging a ladder and knock the shade across the porch.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unproductive and Productive Busyness

Whew, I think I've had about 5 minutes to think about my poor neglected blog these past few weeks! We had a garage sale, which always takes way more time than it should and then we left for Minnesota the next day to visit friends and family.

The garage sale was a success as I got rid of an old porch swing from my garage and a bunch of boxes of stuff. I'm not saying I made a lot of money but it's satisfying to know the corner of my garage is lighter and my once enjoyed items are now being enjoyed by someone else.

I also didn't snitch too much from my mom's contributions. I did take this interesting milk glass pyrex-esque bowl with a hard to see raised pattern. There are no markings and I did do some quick online searches but I didn't find anything about makers, pattern etc.

I enjoyed Minnesota but our thrifting was disappointing. Of course, my mom and I are forced to squeeze in the thrifting between events with others on the trip so we didn't go at the most opportune times. I also have restrained myself from buying any brown or green 70's Pyrex which means I don't find anything for that collection! I guess I could have actually spent money for some at antique shops but what is the fun in that?? Though most of the 70's stuff had big prices anyways. Value Village had an Early American mixing bowl set for $15 a piece?

I did get probably $75 worth of toys for $10 for little one's birthday (I can't believe she's already 1!) so that gives me extra money to spend on something fun. Well, fun for me!