Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garage Sale Season is Upon Us Again!

I haven't done a "random stuff that is coming into my house" post lately. I guess it's been winter so no garage sales and I have been trying to avoid bringing "new" stuff into my house. With the warmer weather coming around it is nice to get out of the house again and garage sales are the perfect excuse! Along with the excuse of finding cheap clothing for the child. Unfortunately, I have managed to find her everything she actually needs for the next year down to a new coat plus some odds and ends for the next year and it's not even May yet! Darn it! Also note, I even try to make it a challenge and not pay more than $1 for anything - yes, the brand new winter coat was $1. I think the moral of this rant is: there is no shortage of cheap, cute, clean kids clothes so get out and save some money while enjoying some fresh air at the same time!

I would like to show you the Pyrex I have added to my collection since Christmas:

Oops, I guess I got a piece for Easter but yep, two pieces.

I did pick up this piece for $2 as I was itching to buy something to awkwardly sit on my counter until I find a spot for it add to my collection.

It is a "Made in England" piece which I did some quick research and the pattern is "Country Autumn." It looks like it was available here in the states in the mid-80's. Definitely has that 80's vibe and I like the brown lid.

I just about didn't even pick up these guys. In fact, I walked past them several times trying not to make eye contact with them or the Christmas table they sat upon.

They finally were successful at calling me over and when I picked them up I was surprised to see the Breyer mark on their leg.

I have seen plenty of Breyer horses but never crazy gold deer! Needless to say, at .50 for the pair, I had to bring them home. They are now sitting happily on my buffet and they don't give off a Christmas vibe on their own. At least the husband hasn't come to me scared about some of my crazy Christmas reindeer escaping from their box so they must come across as normal everyday d├ęcor, well, normal for me.

It sounds like there is a chance of rain here tomorrow so I haven't decided if I'm dragging myself out of the nice warm bed to venture out into the hectic garage sale world or not! I hope everyone has a great weekend!