Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lost Window Reveal

OK, so the window wasn't actually lost per se, it's been at the end of the living room this entire time
but it has been stuck behind this floofy 80's curtain with the broken mechanism the entire time we have lived here.
I had to get rid of that huge track of a curtain rod so I could work on the wood trim but the window has some issues: it doesn't close tight and has no storm window. The curtains are insulated so they stayed. Also, our (enclosed) porch has some issues such as the husband's bike and a collection of plywood so no one wants to sit on the couch looking at that mess!

Yep, there is the plywood. Oh, I forgot I also added some plastic a long time ago as some additional insulation so the remains of that was also lurking behind the curtain.

I tacked the curtains on the outside of the window, which won't win any awards for attractiveness on either side, but it allowed me to get rid of the rod, keep the window draft-free and we don't have to look at the messy porch. Now I can admire my super nifty window...while I am sanding and refinishing it.

Here is my current area of concentration for plastering/painting. Ugh, so much white paint falling off down to the minty green paint! Latex on oil? is my suspicion. Or latex on cigarette smoke as it doesn't seem they scrubbed the green wall before painting from what I've been cleaning off of it. Yuck!!