Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nerdy Staircase, Episode II

I thought this project would keep my dad entertained for a while but about a week after we had finalized the design, he showed up and installed my new staircase insert. I'll stain it to match when I work my way around to that section of the six years?

He copied the dimensions and construction of the 1918 version at their house. I tried finding more photos of these staircase screens? Inserts? (Maybe if I knew their proper name it would be easier to find images!?) I checked out this book at the library as it had 2 photos on the cover kind of what I was looking for but those were the only 2 photos inside as well. Still a fun book to look through.

A couple of in progress shots. The wood slats slid into slots and after they were all fitted into place, another board was secured across the top. The space is fairly square but it is a little taller the further towards the center of the house you get (no surprise there!) so he did do some cutting and adjusting here. (yep, the circa 1993 curtains still continue to hang in my windows.)

Here is a little before and after. No one will be falling off the side of the stairs now! Yay!
Good news? I can also now use this as a shelf since the cat will not be sliding through and knocking everything off. For non-breakables, at least, as she might seek revenge by poking things off between a slat. She has been taking this all rather well by spending more time getting onto the kitchen counters and the dining room table. Yes, I deserve that response, I suppose.

 Giving the stink eye from under the Christmas tree