Thursday, December 23, 2010


I need more Elves!!

I had to have something festive to start my post and my elf wreath does look sparse. I swear I have more somewhere but all I could find to add were the creepy, er, cute? fun? heads I picked out of a free box. No glue needed, they all perch right into the branches.

I am still alive! and doing what, I'm not sure. Nothing productive. Reviewing my photos which have been lurking on my camera I didn't find much excitement happening. I am excited to have the insulation done though it doesn't add any pretty photos to my blog. If anything it is worse because there are now holes all over the walls!

My dad is the plaster master (whoa, that one rhymed) and had all of the Styrofoam plugs hidden within a day so now the walls are just blotchy.

The downside of stucco is having to insulate from the inside. I thought for a moment about making this a DIY project and then I pictured myself losing control of the blower tube and having insulation all over. While humorous to think about I would not be laughing in real life, mm, well, maybe I would. Insulation and plaster dust was all over the place anyways so I can't imagine what would have happened if we had done it ourselves.

The inside of the walls before (as taken from a cold air return) and I can only assume they are filled with fluffy insulation. I had to seal up the top vents so we didn't insulate all of our duct work.

The attic also got a boost.

I do want some flooring up here for storage eventually but we were basically paid for this part. Our utility company was doling out lots of money only if we insulated the attic too so why not?