Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm still alive...I think...

Ack! My camera started mysteriously working again so fortunately I put off trying to fix it. I always get so annoyed with electronics when they don't work, I then start yelling at said electronic device and then Mark thinks he did something wrong so he'll go cower in a corner somewhere. I do grumble and yell to myself a lot so he should be used to it. I will someday be that crazy lady in those oh-so-comfy looking stretchy knit pants talking to herself while picking out cat food at Wal-Mart.
Any who, I'm so far behind in random things I've been thinking about posting I don't know where to start. Another reason I have been procrastinating. It's getting worse so I figure I better just post something...anything. So here it goes, bathroom floor pictures. Yay! Between trips to Denver and other summer activities it has been slow going but it is going. 

 This is what we started with. Gross carpet from circa 1981 (someone initialed and dated the toilet) and some odd painted knotty pine wainscoting which looks better in this photo than it did in real life.

The bathtub got moved across the bathroom since it wouldn't fit out the door and we are left with the last square of carpet, asbestos tiles and the rotten floor boards. 

The rotten and smelly floor is gone. Fortunately the previous renovators got rid of the asbestos flooring in this area for us! 

We replaced their pieced together boards with one large board.

 The cement board on top of that

And finally the tile! Note the asbestos tiles are now securely hidden under a layer of tile and boards. I'm not messing with removing that stuff.
And yes, this is all I have done so far...Remember my "plumber" has been in Colorado and working on the attic floor of his house.
I was hoping to get the tub back in and started on the rest of the floor this last weekend but oh yeah, what about my walls? I can't put the tub back without wall covering. We did buy wainscoting and a toilet this weekend so we did accomplish something.

I didn't get the antique toilet I have been wanting but this has a cute old timey look to it so I it will do.  It was probably cheaper and will flush better? I don't know about the flushing part but it might use a little less water anyways. It has to flush better than our current toilet. I  like the side flushy though I am picturing myself scraping unmentionable grime out of the ridges on the bottom.