Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Light Globe Replacement Fail

While browsing our salvage store I came across this for $5.
I have no clue how old it is but it is hand painted/stenciled and is made of a really soft, satin glass so it has to be older? 1915 old? I highly doubt it but I thought it was pretty. What could I do with it? Ah, the upstairs hallway!
This is the current hallway light:
(apart from the removal of 1992 wallpaper, I have done nothing to the hall yet so the paint splatters are not me! The dust and ugly cat art...is me..)
The fixture is original but the globe looks like something one would find at Menard's for $3 so I've been keeping an eye open for something with more character. I excitedly came home and took down this fixture. The new fixture looked so pretty with the gold paint from previous, previous owner's remodel which I am planning on doing a variation of (eventually) to freshen it up.
OK, you know from the title everything was going too smoothly here. No, I didn't break it! But I did fail to realize the neck around the "new" globe is 1/4 of an inch too big for the fixture. Drat! Well, to look at the positive, I did get that giant dead moth out of  the globe which had been bothering me.

Monday, July 8, 2013

What is missing from this scene (apart from any sort of landscaping)

Saturday morning I was staring blankly out the back window like I usually do while getting some water for my oatmeal when I noticed my car looked different.
Why is my license plate missing!!?? It is true, out of all of the neighbor's cars sitting out in the driveways, ours was the lucky one to get the license plates stolen. The funny part is the back bolt is very rusty so they literally had to rip the plate off leaving the corner and after all of that effort the plates expire this month so they aren't going to get too much use out of them.

This incident prompted a project I had on the list but it just was never a priority.

A very boring yet practical sensor light. Woohoo! Now if someone sneaks onto my drive they should be flooded with light.
They already had regular floodlights up before so it took longer to figure out which breaker turned off the garage than it did to change out the fixture.

I'm not sure why they didn't install sensor lights originally except I suppose the sensor lights would have been $15 more than just the plain fixtures.