Monday, June 11, 2012

Finishing Touches

Ack, I have a back log of blog posts going, mainly because I'm still running on a borrowed camera. I cleaned off my memory card today so lets see what I found!

First off I DID get my bathroom 100% back together. I have some fish sitting around still waiting to tell me where they want to live on the walls but otherwise, anyone walking in would never suspect what existed before in this space (except I have to show them before pictures).

In my "condition" I cannot be out spray painting so I had to bribe someone to get my mirror and toilet paper holder sprayed. I love spray painting why doesn't everyone else!?

This was the TP holder which came with the house. It is/was pot metal with an antiqued brass finish (obviously painted white at some point), stamped U.S.A. on the back and has a definite 70's Victorian revival vibe going for it so I decided it was worthy of a place in my bathroom. Umm, yeah, because I am so particular about my bathroom accessories...

Fresh coat of spray paint.

I wasn't sure what I wanted for a mirror but I found this one at Hobby Lobby for a total of $6 so it will hold me over until I find "the one." Of course it had some weird artsy cheap looking antiqued finish so it needed painted. 

A little sanding, some spray paint and it was ready to go! 

Our medicine cabinet is tiny, not to mention on the opposite wall from the sink as you can see in the mirror above so we needed a place to put toothbrushes, lotion and other odds and ends. This wobbly garage sale cupboard should do the trick!

Shelf paper to protect the wood shelves from toothpaste mishaps

 and some textured shelf paper on the glass so I only have to look at cloudy outlines of the clutter inside. Note the coasters on the front feet? The wobbliness was caused by someone cutting off only the front feet about 1/4". The old glass coasters seem to be the exact height needed to counteract this problem so that was an easy fix.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

70's Drugs and Organization

this seemed to be the theme of my finds for the weekend. Not that I purchased/used actual drugs and it wasn't even until my family's comments I realized this theme.
First off, I have been casually looking for a "new" canister set. I've almost requested a Fiesta set several times ALMOST forgetting the #1 requirement on my mental list was lack of fragility (I would be eating unsweetened Rice Krispies out of fear of dropping the lid in my early morning stupor)  #2 on my list was it had to be bright and obnoxious (obviously) AND #3 it had to be cheap. Every time I tried to rationalize spending actual money on a canister set I went back to "meh, my current set works just fine"
This is my current set:
It is definitely vintage and looks fine from a distance. 

Close up, the pull tabs are rusty, loose and have scratched the lids plus the copper coloring on the lids is also fading away. I acquired this from my mom's leftover, unwanted auction stash just so my roommates and I had something for our college rental house. 

Introducing my new canisters!
The set is metal with sturdy plastic lids, it is very obnoxious and rang it at $3 so it fit all of my requirements.The bonus is it actually has orange in it so it works with my orange and yellow kitchen. My brother asked if I bought these to organize my drugs. Come on, mushrooms were a popular 70's theme and are not necessarily drug related...are they? I guess my knowledge on the beginnings of the 70's mushroom craze is limited.

Another funky 70's/early 80's find:
My mom: "Are those Poppies? Did you buy a Poppy clock to go with your canister set!?" Darn it! I liked the chunky brown case and the font on the numbers. My intention is to put a more mod and less country-esque scene inside.

No, a tornado did not hit the garage. This is the organization part of the weekend finds. I've been wanting to redo a vintage file cabinet and I finally found one of those (cheap, of course). We also found some good garage shelves and some small filing drawers which will also be fun to redo, once I can spray paint and work with chemicals again.

Finally, I wandered into the garage yesterday and spied this sitting on the floor:
My brother bought this Compact brand vacuum (for himself, drat) and was trying to hide it in the garage because he knew I would want it! The plastic/rubber on the attachments are made with glitter!

Glitter! Ah, unfortunately the camera doesn't quite catch the full beauty of them.I will definitely be trying to convince him I need this for my birthday or Christmas!