Friday, April 27, 2012

Misc. Update

Goodness it has been over a month since my last post!? Part of my excuse is my camera crapped out right in the middle of my last post. This made me cranky since I am OCD about my camera. It carefully stays near my computer but if it does travel it goes into a neoprene case. I was not a happy camper when the lens decided not to focus on anything and the culprit, from reading various help sites, was dirt in the gears or dropping it. My camera doesn't even have a scratch on it but here it sits, mostly dead. I tried my old camera but it takes horrid photos so I finally borrowed my brother's camera. Taking pictures does make me think of my poor lost camera so I'm still not much in the mood but I figured I should force myself to be before I end up with 30 stories to post on here! What have we been up to the past month?

An Ikea run made the list and here is our haul (minus Mark's entertainment cabinet).

This gross rotting board on the back of our garage has been replaced with a fresh piece of outdoor appropriate cedar. Who puts interior trim on a garage??

I haven't put up all the finishing touches in the bathroom yet. Frankie's dog will most likely get excited and hike his leg on anything new i.e. shower curtains and rugs so I was waiting for them to move out but I'm getting antsy so I may take my chances. This is the happy little whale tray I found last weekend which I am hoping to find a good spot for in here because, well, it is just so happy!