Friday, March 9, 2012

Converting Pinch Pleats

Enough ranting for a while and back to my house projects.

I was helping my mom clean out their attic when we came across a box labeled "Cara's Curtains". Fully expecting a pastel Cabbage Patch print to appear when I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

Apart from the Kliban cats, the rest of the box contained 3 pairs of carefully packed and mint condition vintage curtains. Where did these come from? High school me must have snagged these somewhere, oh, yes, I found a $2.84 Salvation Army price tag on several so that must be where they came from. I guess they didn't match my lavender country 90's room decor but I felt I would have a use for them someday and carefully packed them away. Well, thank you high school Cara for probably splurging and spending $17 on curtains because as a matter of fact I DO now have the perfect spot for them 15 years later!

This is our master bedroom rug which was purchased quick when we moved in. A few months later I was at Target and saw these fantastic (OK, in my admittedly odd opinion of fantastic) shower curtains that I wanted to make into curtains which resulted in this:

They went into our bedroom simply because I couldn't think of another room for them at the time. The greens match the carpet but I always felt the styles were a little off. So these curtains are now going to find a new room and the vintage ones are up.

One slight snag in my curtain hanging was that they were/still are pinch pleats. I know myself too well and know I will be rearranging curtains, rugs etc. someday so I didn't want to mess with investing in a traverse rod and I decided to try and convert them.

I simply basted some shiny fabric onto the back wide enough to slide a curtain rod through

Here is the result! They still look like pinch pleats and can still be used as pinch pleats but they also fit on a normal rod. I would worry about lining them for protection from sun damage but the mini blinds are still up and these windows are on the north side of the house anyways so very little direct light.
I think I need a new spot for my aqua chair now but if I had to go out shopping for curtains, I don't think I could have found a better match for the carpet. They share the same green color and they have the same branchy flower-leaf thing happening.

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  1. Wow! How lucky! I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the contents of the box..even the cats. And, again, that CHAIR is EVERYTHING! It should be with the Grandma and Grandpa's couch! Love the accessories, too! The flamingo and the cats on the wall! Nice!