Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Oddball Collection?

It's obvious I like to collect weird things, the weirder and crazier they are the better and if it is old, that is even better so how did this collection happen?

I'm not sure how I started on the Hallmark Merry Miniatures. I believe it stems from my younger years when I would pick out one or two for my birthday and Christmas. Of course they showed up in .10 boxes at garages sales so I accumulated more. I was so proud of myself because I recently convinced my dad to compartmentalize my printers box further which nearly doubled its little critter capacity. I installed most of my collection (a few larger ones are in overflow on a shelf around the corner), I sorted out the duplicates and even had room for a few oddball little animals I have collected.

And then I went to a garage sale this weekend. My mom and I had gotten separated, I had gone upstairs, she downstairs. When I got downstairs I saw 3, eight foot tables crammed with boxed Hallmark ornaments. They were $1 or $2 apiece so I got excited looking to see if they had any of my little miniatures at a reasonable price. Spotting none, I was browsing the ornaments to see if there were any I "needed" when my mom came back in the room carrying an entire shoebox full of miniatures for $1 a bag! $15 later and this was my haul.

 Hmm, the picture doesn't look like much but I stopped counting at 100 plus there were some pins and ornaments mixed in which I didn't include. Some are duplicates so they will find new homes but I put in an order with my parents for another printers box.

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