Saturday, September 28, 2013

Freshening up the Bedroom

No, I'm not starting another project. Our bedroom does still smell a bit like previous owner's cat when the humidity gets high but I can't make another mess before I finish the living/dining room which I'm seriously getting in about 10 minutes a week on if I am lucky! Anyways, it started with my Ikea trip and my quest for a new curtain rod.

As you can see, the curtain rod is the standard $5 model which has been somehow extended with an extra piece in the middle. There was something sticky all over these rods so besides being disgusting, the curtains were impossible to slide open/closed.
They've now been upgraded to $6 Ikea rods. We'll see how long it takes before they get bent up and sticky!
I also did a little rearranging on my owl wall.
I found this photo from a January 2011 post. I have added a few since then but I've tried to not overdo it? - which I tend to do!
My new Ikea pillow and "new" $2.50 quilt also brighten up the place. (Yes, a headboard is on my current wish list/brainstorming idea list.)
I think someone threw it in the washer AND dryer because it was very clean, fluffy and smelled nice but it left some nice holes in the middle. It's pretty generic fabrics so I can probably manage a repair eventually...
And my hideous .25 credenza from last fall
I actually found a good color at the free paint exchange which matched the curtains so after a thorough sanding:
We have a funky TV stand. We were using an old TV stand which wasn't tall enough to be seen over the bed so a shoe shelf was added to the top. It was classy and I didn't get a picture of it! I am very disappointed with myself.
Now I have room to display some decorating books, the monkey I pulled out of a free box and a lamp which was always in the guest room at grandma and grandpa's.


  1. Looks awesome!!!!

    Is it sad or flattering that I check your blog all the time and I was excited to see you post today? :-D

  2. Excellent before/after on that credenza.