Thursday, October 17, 2013

Longest Delayed Blog Post. Ever.

Seriously? I have had this post sitting here for about 2 weeks. I'll add a sentence or a photo and get distracted! OK, I'm just going to "try" to accomplish something on here today!

I escaped the house last Friday (now several Fridays ago), well, *we* escaped the house under the pretense of finding some warmer clothing for little one. My main dilemma is there are not baby clothes at estate sales for some reason? and those ads sound way more interesting to me than: "kids clothes, microwave, dining room set, 1990's Christmas decor and knick-knacks from Wal-Mart." I added that last part but any garage sale enthusiast knows what I'm talking about. I did manage to get to an estate sale and a church-ish sale.

This guy was at the estate sale and he looks nice on my kitchen counter but reminds me I need to paint my backsplash something other than white because he disappears under the shadows of my cupboards. It is by Bing and Grondahl. My mom collects the blue Christmas plates. I see her plates all of the time but I don't see/don't notice other items by them often. Especially weird looking things which fit in with my taste.

I have had a strange goal of trying to find one of these Pyrex canisters as it seems they are always faded, cracked and or way too expensive. (way too expensive being more than $3) I finally accomplished my goal as .50 seemed to be a reasonable price and it is in perfect condition. Spice of Life isn't my favorite pattern but maybe it should be as it also seems to match my counter perfectly.

The classy Staffordshire dog for my mantel was .75

And I can't stop with the reindeer so this herd followed me home.

Gesh, it's not like this post was long or even interesting. I'm glad I finally was able to spit it all out, get it posted and move on to my next post!

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  1. I can't believe you found a mantle dog for .75!! Lucky!!