Thursday, October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last week was my birthday and I always enjoy hanging out with friends and telling my husband we're eating at the Chinese buffet without question. My husband and I usually just buy our own gifts because I never know what I want plus I can give him a list but he still wouldn't know what I was talking about. He always just wants the latest electronic gadget so he got a new phone and a new plan. As a result I also got a new phone which he was very excited to tell me about all of the features I now have. I have so far used it to take 2 instagram photos and 2 videos. The alarm clock works well.

I behaved myself this past summer and avoided buying any Pyrex I wasn't crazy about just for the sake of buying Pyrex. I passed up a lot of avocado, browns and mushrooms. I'm sure someday I'll be kicking myself for passing them up but my cupboards (and husband) are thankful for it. I did splurge for my birthday and found a few pieces I love which also stick to my attempted color scheme for this cabinet!

I then got to spend the afternoon (er, a naptime) dusting, reorganizing and putting up Halloween decorations. Yeah, I'm a nerd and was excited to clean and rearrange for my new treasures...

 My mom gave me the first two: a Delphite Pyrex bowl and fun Wizard of Oz glass

Check out the mod little witch and tornado!

and some of you may recognize this as the mug from our antique outing I was ogling but it was $20!! I couldn't rationalize randomly spending that much on a Pyrex mug!
but then I remembered my birthday and I always want to spend a little more money on something unusual while still feeling like I got a good deal.  I'm not sure how good of a deal it was but it is something I don't see everyday.

My mom also found a small stripe bowl to match the big one from grandma's house.
I Picked out this juicer a few months ago. The tag said it works! but I have yet to try it. The top juicer part is glass so I would probably break it.
The Bluebird casserole got my attention not only with the color but the mod shape of the caddy. Frankie found the carafe at what he referred to as "the creepiest garage sale ever." Well, I'm glad he was brave to wander this guy's house because it looks lovely in my cabinet. The peanuts were my attempt to make it easier to see the pattern...
 The buffet area also got a fall makeover.
Some fall colored Pyrex and this year's Halloween Pyrex I came across at Target. I missed last years so I was happy to accidently find it this year.
The Hex Signs bowl I brought home and found it was the same size as my huuge Christmas bowl. I also discovered it originally came with the same lid and caddy which is fantastic because now I can stack away my Christmas bowl and not worry about where to store the huge lid and caddy!

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  1. Well Happy Birthday indeed! Looks like quite a haul with all your Pyrex treasures! I might try to recreate the mod witch for decorating. (We just had our big Halloween party, and that post went up today.) next week I'll talk about the decorations! It sure looks like your birthday was a good one!