Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lingering Halloween Project

I was organizing my Halloween decorations to put them away (slowly) and realized I never featured my other spray paint project.

I took this planter from my mom's garage sale stash. It's probably a Hobby Lobby special. She didn't buy it new...I have a few guesses where she got it.

Anyways, I needed something for my Halloween branches.
A couple of coats of spray paint later and it looks like one of those classy, trendy Halloween decorations!

I know it's waayy past Halloween at this point but one could have left it green and put some gourds in it for Thanksgiving or paint it red and find some glittery tinsel bulbs on sticks for a festive Christmas arrangement. There, it is still relevant!


  1. Lol better late than never! It took me a while to post about my Halloween decorations too... I work at a florist and any time we get in a shipment of Funeral Urns (like your hobby lobby one) if one is chipped or cracked they let me take it!

  2. ooh, funeral urns sound more authentic and creepier for Halloween decorating. I would have a hoard of those if I had access!