Monday, November 25, 2013

My Aqua Chair Story

I feel I am behind in my postings though looking back at photos I have taken it doesn't look like anything thrilling has been happening around here.
My beloved aqua chair has finally arrived. It has been sitting in my old bedroom at my parent's house and they finally got sick of looking at it plus my mom has Ikea shelving to set up so they lugged it to my house. I have no place to put it which is why I haven't been begging for it that and I'm afraid of exposing it to the husband and small child since it has managed to stay looking brand new after all of these years. But so far so good.

 It's a little too aqua for my living room but it's the only spot I have for it!

 I got it years ago after an auction. Yes, I said after. I felt I had no place for this chair so I avoided being in the furniture area while they were taking bids. I got a huge set of aqua and pink dishes for $10 (still lost somewhere in my parent's house) plus some other lovely 50's items so I was satisfied. Thinking back now, I am not satisfied! The place was FULL of boxes of dingy yet mint 50's housewares and furniture. This was pre high speed internet browsing for me so I really want to go back 18 years and dig through those boxes.  Anyways, how did this chair come into my possession since I just spent way too much time saying I didn't bid on it? The next day my mom and I happened to drive past the auction venue and what was by the dumpster? Obviously this chair! I was OK with someone else taking this chair home but I was not OK with it going to the dump. We had a little hatchback but managed to squeeze it in enough to get it home. I managed to clear a spot in my room for it and it has sat there until now. I haven't found an exact photo but to me it looks like a Kroehler. If not, it is a very close knock off. Well, the price was right either way!


  1. That is Beautiful!!! And it's in FANTASTIC shape! Quite a treasure you have there :)

  2. The gorgeous turquoise chair, looks like part of the Luxurest collection...

    It is that wonderful diamond pattern stitch on the chair backs... that I love about this brand of furniture.

  3. Wow! Thank you for saving that gorgeous chair!!