Monday, October 18, 2010

Curb Alert!

Me? Pick something off the street? Yes, it's true. Randomly discovered free stuff does excite me.

We were driving home from lunch when my mom spotted this "fantastic" set of drawers sitting on the curb down the block. With the pretense of walking the dog, we wandered back on foot to take a closer look. It had a free sign on it which reinforced the fact it needed a new home. I want to clean and paint it so bad right now but I better keep any painting I do to the exterior of the house.

Some of the drawers are open and some have inserts. Perfect for organizing my crafty items which are currently stacked in random little boxes all over the spare room's closet.

My mom's other fantastic find she brought me this weekend was this crazy gondola lamp. The 2 compartments are removable. Planters I suppose? And it is tricky to see in the photo but the shade is oblong to match the width of the boat.

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